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I believe my experiences from what I have learned through my twelve-plus years of triathlons can be used to help you improve your journey. Whatever your goal may be, I know that we can get you there and have a fun time doing it.

— Maripat
ACE certified
Adult Learn to Swim Instructor
UESCA Running Coach
Slowtwitch Certified Swim Coach
USA Triathlon Certified Coach



Meet Your Coach

Coach Maripat Silva at Aspire Coaching is here to help you meet your goals! Whether you are training for your first Sprint Triathlon or working to improve your Olympic or Long Distance Triathlons, Maripat can help you meet your goal. As an athlete and previously working mom, she knows the struggles of balancing a busy life with performance goals. She remembers buying her first bike in order to do a Sprint Triathlon. Every ride was her longest ride. The elation of crossing that finish line at her first Sprint Triathlon is a feeling she still remembers. Maripat has competed in running events from 5K’s to Marathons, cycling events from Time Trials to 24 hour mountain bike races, and countless multi-sport events including Xterra offroad triathlons.

USA Cycling Certified Coach


“You helped me reach a personal goal by completing my first triathlon! Your encouragement and training plan were a perfect match for me and I could not have done it without you!”

Stephanie M.

“I have been Maripat's coach/trainer for 5 years.  Her work ethic and discipline have allowed her to grow into an accomplished athlete with a wealth of experience.  Her passion for her sports has guided her to becoming a skilled coach/trainer for others who are making their way into the world of athletics. She has a lot to share with her clients.”

Kathleen Stabler – Coach and Trainer True North Performance Coaching, Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor

"Maripat increased my overall strength … helped me work harder and become a better racer."

Margaret O.

“I love your coaching! Teaching me I can dig deeper!"

Marcie A.

“I try never to miss a workout with Maripat—they are always challenging, interesting and tailored to my strengths andweaknesses.  Earlier this year a back injury and subsequent collateral issues took me off my bike for months.  Maripat helped me get back to pedaling by strengthening my core among other things— I have muscles in my back I never knew I had and I’ve noticed I can pedal uphill for longer periods while standing.  YAY!  I like that she engages my brain as well as my muscles during our workouts.  It’s a great way to start my day!”

Marte A.

"Before I met Maripat, I was consistently winded, had no core and weak on the bike. My strength has doubled, my confidence has tripled and I feel I can compete and hang with the crowd. She's a great strength coach and with her, I know I can be a better athlete."

Mona R.

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