You are unique; shouldn’t your training be created specifically for you?


Monthly Triathlon Training


$145 per month

  • Initial Consultation

  • Weekly Programming for Run, Bike, and Swim

  • Weekly Email

  • One 60 Min Personalized Coaching/Training Session

  • One Phone Call per Month



$200 per month

  • Initial Consultation

  • Weekly Programming for Run, Bike, and Swim

  • Weekly Email

  • Two 60 Min Personalized Coaching/Training Session

  • Two Phone Calls per Month



$250 per month

  • Initial Consultation

  • Weekly Programming for Run, Bike, and Swim

  • Weekly Email

  • Four 60 Min Personalized Coaching/Training Session

  • Four Phone Calls per Month

Strength Training

Ongoing weekly small groups

$264 for each 12 week session

A weekly session consisting of multiple athletes focused on general fitness and strength with an emphasis on correct form and structure.
Tuesdays 5:30 pm or 6:30 pm
Class size is limited so call or message to reserve your spot!


Private Sessions

$65 per hour

Personalized one on one strength training to meet your specific needs whether it is a specific athletic ability or general fitness for living. This is perfect for those that prefer private instruction or have very specific needs.

Semi-Private Sessions

$35 per hour per person

Two to three athletes with like goals and needs. This is perfect for teammates, friends, training partners or for those that enjoy the camaraderie and encouragement of other athletes.

Swim Training

Private Swim Instruction

$50 per 45 min session

Personalized one on one swim session to analyze and improve stroke and fitness. Includes instruction, drills and workout for those athletes that either need to improve their stroke to gain efficiency and speed.

Swim Video Analysis

$80 per swim analysis including 30 min swim session

This offering is for those athletes that know how to swim but need to gain a deeper understanding both above water and underwater of their stroke and ways to improve it . Includes a 30 min pool side session and an annotated audio and video analysis of both the positives and areas of improvements recommended for their swim stroke.

Adult Learn to Swim Instruction

$50 per 45 min session

It’s never too late to learn how to swim! This offering one on on service provides adults who don't swim with opportunities to improve their confidence and abilities in the water. Adults will experience an empathic and supportive environment with a certified Adult Learn to Swim instructor who will provide you with the skills to be safe and confident in the water.

Race Prep

Race Focused Prep for Sprint or Olympic Distance Triathlon


  • Twelve week race preparation includes weekly programming for run, bike, and swim.

  • One coaching session per month that focuses on transitions, race strategy, or swim analysis.


Single Sessions for Race Prep or General Training

$65 per hour

Private Sessions that can include the following:

  • Swim Stroke Analysis and Video

  • Pre-Race Strategy Consultation

  • Race Day Coaching

  • Custom Training Clinics to meet your specific needs

  • Basic Instruction on Bike Maintenance

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